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Information about Varicose Vein Treatment
The USA-Method: CHIVA
(Ultrasound Specific and individually Adapted)

On the basis of a 15 year experience in ultrasound examinations of several 10,000 cases we are proud to practice a new vein treatment, founding on the 1988 idea of Claude Francheschi, Paris, which he called "CHIVA". CHIVA is the french abbreviation for "Cure Conservatrice et Hemodynamique de l´Insufficience Veneuse en Ambulatoire", meaning a therapy (cure) preserving veins and restoring hemodynamics for insufficient veins on outpatient basis. CHIVA ist a term well known in European countries, and the treatment has replaced old-fasioned stripping in up to two third of the cases. To catch your attention, we called it "USA"-Method on this page to indicate its character (Ultrasound - Specified and individually Adapted treatment). Indeed, the very knowledge is the ultrasound detection of the diseases´origin. We combine this tremendous progress in strategy with any other technique available to individually determine the most effective, vein preserving, comfortable and recurrence-restricting therapy for our patients, with the best cosmetic results.

In fact, it is no longer necessary to generally destroy or ripp off any vein with proven reversed blood flow. Instead, the single origins of the disease can be detected, and just these spots reqiure treatment.

This is how it is done: The varicous veins (fig. 1) and the entire venous system of the diseased leg are thoroughly examined with ultrasound, and the spots to treat are painted on the body (fig. 2). Ultrasound detects findings which are neither visible nor feelable. The surgical part of the treatment includes a stitch or cut, just large enough to catch the diseased vein with an instrument (fig. 3). The reversed blood flow is stopped by double ligatures, and the cut closed by suture or glue (fig. 4). Result: The venous pressure is normalized, and the vein diameter will normalize instantaneously or within 6 - 8 weeks (fig. 5).

fig. 1-5

Advantages of this new vein treatment:

  • highly efficient cure for venous insufficiency and varicous veins
  • restoration of normal vein function
  • all veins can be preserved
  • very safe and pain free - no complications like in larger surgery
  • only few cuts - perfect optical result
  • just minimal intervention - less provocation of recurrant varicose veins
  • no X - ray required
  • no narcotics, no general anaesthesia
  • no hospital stay, no bed rest
  • no loss of working time or social activity
  • less expensive than "vein stripping"
  • applicable to almost every case of varicous veins

The costs vary from $500 to $1,500, depending on the severeness of the disease.

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